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Enchanting Yuletide: A Multi-Author Anthology

I love special soaps and toiletries and sugar scrubs are on the top of my list. There are all kinds. Some require special attention, and others are downright easy. I don’t recommend the traditional oil and sugar, unless you want to slip and slide, then spend the day cleaning your tub. I think this one is much better, and the ingredients are easy to find. They make great gifts too.

Homemade Glycerin Soap Sugar Scrub Cubes

Once you have all your ingredients together prepare to work fast.

The first thing you need is a glycerin melt and pour soap base. Most craft stores carry it. Michael’s now carries some great detergent-free bases

You’ll also need a skin friendly oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a great choice and can be found in your supermarket. Sweet almond oil, avocado or olive oil will work well too. Macadamia is wonderful, but not as easy to find.

A SKIN SAFE scent and colorant if you want them. They will be available in the area you find the glycerin soap. Read the label, they MUST be skin safe. Don’t use candle colorant. Choose a nice fragrance for the season. Peppermint, pumpkin, cookies, or gingerbread.

Sugar – Sugar can have large or small grains. For this recipe, I use regular white granulated sugar. For a face soap, I would probably use brown sugar. For a foot soap, I’d use demerara sugar, because the granules are larger.

You will also need a mold. No need to run out and buy one for this recipe however. You can use a silicon mold or ice tray, or a sanitized milk carton cut to size; the box quarts are pretty perfect. Line it with saran wrap. You want the mold to give, so you can push the scrub out once it’s set. If you use the milk carton, you can carefully rip the paper off.

To make your Sugar Scrub

½ Cup Oil

1 Cup Melt and Pour base

2 Cups plus Sugar

Use drops or a half teaspoon to get the fragrance you want. Be cautious not to use more than necessary because even skin safe fragrance can be harsh on your skin. 1 teaspoon per pound of soap base is the limit.

Instructions: Have your mold ready before you start and remember to work fast.

Melt your soap base on very low heat. A double boiler is good, or you can microwave it in 30 second pulses. I use 30 seconds to start and stir. If I need more time, I do 15 second pulses. You don’t want it to get too hot, because soap can burn.

When the base is completely melted, pour into a large bowl, add your oil. Mix well.

Add your colorant one drop at a time until you get the shade you want but use as little as possible; too much colorant can stain washcloths. Mix well

Add up to a half teaspoon of fragrance. Mix well.

Add your sugar and mix fast; You don’t want it to harden on you.  You want to pour it as soon as possible. When it’s incorporated pour it into your mold. If it’s too thick, spoon it in and press it down.
Once the soap is set. (I’d give it at least a couple of hours. I leave mine overnight). Carefully remove it from the mold, placing it onto a plate, or anything oil can’t seep through, because there is always some oil that seeps out of the soap. Work gently because the scrub will be crumbly.

Carefully cut it into 1-1 ½ inch squares.

If there is a lot of leftover oil, I cover and leave it, so it can soak some of that up. There will usually be seeping oil.

Your sugar scrub soap is finished and ready to package. You can use cellophane wraps or jars, label it, and add trinkets or bows to the top. Be creative. Just remember to use something the oil can’t seep through. I also place a note on the label telling people to be careful in the shower or tub, because oils can make it slippery.

Instructions: Break off a piece from the cube. Scrub an area until the sugar is gone. Rinse well, and pat dry. It usually takes one or two cubes per shower.

Have fun with it. Once you’ve tried these, I think you’ll be addicted.

WARNING: If someone is allergic to a food product, (Like nuts, avocados, etc.) they will be allergic to the oils produced by that item as well.

Enchanting Yuletide: A Multi-Author Anthology
Jena Baxter, Raven Williams, Ellie Lieberman, Barb Lieberman, Guy Donovan, CK Brewer

Genre: Holiday / Fantasy

Publisher: Pipe and Thimble

Date of Publication: November 15th, 2017


Number of pages: 184

Word Count:

Cover Artist: Raven Williams

Tagline: Tis the Season for Magic

Book Description:

Six stories of the holiday season, guaranteed to put you in a festive mood. So, grab your hot chocolate and snuggle up to experience the season as you've never done before. After all, tis the Season for Magic!

About the Author Raven Williams

A prolific writer, Raven began her career in 2010 with a blog and non-fiction, then moving to fiction in 2014, when she began Elven-Jumper, the first book in the Realm.

Jumper Chronicles. She now has 30 books to her name, spanning the Realm Jumper Chronicles, Raven’s Twisted Classics, and the Demon Stones Saga, as well as her non-fiction, with more planned.

When Raven is not writing, she is creating art in the form of abstract paintings, fractal designs, and jewelry pieces that tie into her stories. She is also a caregiver for a disabled family member and two cats. She physically resides in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, but spends most of her time mentally in her Mystic Realms.

Will you join her?

Sign-up for Raven’s Newsletter here: https://mysticrealmscurioshop.com/newsletter-sign-up

Raven’s Mystic Realms FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/mysticrealmscurioshop/

About the Author Jena Baxter

A prolific writer, Jena Baxter creates characters with depth and stories filled with action, emotion, and a little bit of romance. She loves building fantastical worlds and cultures.

Living in Northern California with her husband, Jena enjoys soapmaking, her pets, and writer's conferences. She also reads for a screenwriting contest on an annual basis.

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Broken Love by Stacey Marie Brown

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Life shattered my body, now it wants to break my heart. Jaymerson Holloway thought all her heartache and pain were behind her. Unfortunately, life has other ideas. The one person she needs, who understands what it’s like living in the shadow of Colton Harris’s death, is his twin brother, Hunter. But stories don’t always end happily. Leaving everything behind to follow her dreams, Jaymerson travels to Italy where she learns to stand her own feet, move on with her life, and open her heart to another. But nothing prepares her for watching Hunter’s career erupt on TV: his wins, his flings, the agony of him falling in love with another, and worst of all watching his world get shattered into pieces again. When Jaymerson returns home and their paths cross, but they are no longer the same people, and the old animosity they used to feel for each other flares between them again. Especially when more secrets and truths are revealed, breaking everything they once had together. Their undeniable chemistry continues to twine their lives together, even though it will only end in heartbreak and pain.  Don’t miss the second installment of the Blinded Love Series, Broken Love, the final story of Jaymerson and Hunter. But don’t despair. Stevie is up next in the third book, Twisted Love.


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  Stacey Marie Brown is a lover of hot fictional bad boys and sarcastic heroines who kick butt. She also enjoys books, travel, TV shows, hiking, writing, design, and archery. Stacey swears she is part gypsy, being lucky enough to live and travel all over the world. She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. She volunteers helping animals and is Eco-friendly. She feels all animals, people, and environment should be treated kindly.

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Wild Collision (Wild, #1) Author: Micalea Smetzler

Title: Wild Collision (Wild, #1)
Author: Micalea Smetzler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: November 23, 2018
He was a beautiful nightmare. Mia Hayes is comfortable with her life as it is. Boring is good. Boring is normal. Boring is safe. But the thing with boring is it makes temptation all the sweeter. She was a sweet dream. Hollis Wilder goes a hundred miles an hour after everything he wants. Fast is fun. Fast is crazy. Fast is dangerous. But the thing with fast is it keeps you from thinking before you act. Together they were the notes in their favorite song. When Mia and Hollis collide—literally—music’s new bad boy can’t help but notice the beautiful red-haired woman with soft curves. She calls to him like a siren, and since the word no isn’t in his vocabulary he’s determined to get what he wants. The problem is, one night won’t be enough, and the fact that Mia is his mentor’s daughter complicates things royally. Mia’s the one girl that’s off limits, but she might be the only one he wants for real.
Pre order your copy today for early release on November 19!
I don’t know how long we’re in the alley kissing, but finally he releases me. We’re both breathless. My lips feel swollen and bruised. I don’t mind one bit. “Do you have to go home yet?” he asks, his voice low and husky. His eyes fall to my lips and he rubs his thumb against them. They’re tender, but I don’t mind his touch. I shake my head. He cracks a small smile. “Come to the hotel with me.” “But the guys…” I hesitate. “They already know about you. The nosy bastards figured it out without me saying a word.” I can tell he’s irritated by this fact, but they’re also his best friends so he can laugh about it. “I don’t know…” “We can watch a movie or something. Nothing more,” he explains, seeing where my mind is going. “We can order a pizza too—or whatever you want from room service.” I think a moment longer before nodding. I’m not ready to go home yet. Spending more time with Hollis sounds nice. As much as I love kissing him, I enjoy hanging out with him even more, which shocks me. I never expected to like him. From the moment he walked out of my bathroom in nothing but a towel I’d made up my mind to hate him. But hating Hollis is impossible. We walk back to the hotel, too worried to hold hands, but close enough our fingers graze often. Some people, mostly college girls, eye him up and down. He’s hot, so it’s expected, but word has also gotten around about the new band in town recording their album. While most people in this town are over it and don’t care, The Wild is like a new shiny toy to be played with and admired. I don’t know how famous people do it—enjoy being gawked at like a specimen under a microscope. Heck, even I’ve been gawked at and had paparazzi follow me even though I’m literally the most boring person on the planet. I don’t understand the obsession people have with celebrities, wanting to know every single detail about their lives, where they go, who their friends are, what they eat—give them a break and room to breathe. I saw a pap follow my dad into a public restroom once—he stormed out a second later and gave management a mouthful. Hollis and I reach the hotel and ride up in the elevator together careful to stand apart and not say a word. When he opens the door to their suite my mouth falls open. “Whoa, this place is cool.” Fox’s head whips over in our direction from the couch when he hears my voice. “Yo, Mia, what are you doing here?” “Hollis invited me for pizza and a movie.” “Sweet—as long as it’s not a chick flick.” I fake a yawn. “Pass.” “Can I keep you?” Fox jokes making a kissy face at me. Rush strides out of a room then in only a towel. As he passes Fox he whips it off and smacks him with it. Hollis slaps his hands over my eyes, but it’s too late, I already got an eyeful. “Pretty sure she’s already taken dude.” “Rush,” Hollis hisses, “cover up, man.” “What? Afraid she’ll see what I’m packing and come running?” “It was impressive,” I admit with a laugh. Hollis growls and mutters, “Don’t make me remind you what’s really impressive.” I give him a sly smile as he lowers his hands. “I don’t know, sounds enjoyable.” His eyes darken with desire. “Not here,” Cannon warns coming into the room. “Yeah, down boy,” I tell Hollis. “I’m here for pizza and a movie. If you don’t feed me I might bite.” He lowers his head and whispers in my ear, “I wouldn’t mind.” I can’t help but smile. Patting him on the chest, I say, “Now go order my pizza, peasant.” All three of the other guys bust out laughing. “Peasant? More like he’s your bitch,” Fox chortles. Hollis shakes his head, but his lips quirk in amusement. “What kind of pizza do you want?” “Pepperoni.” “A pepperoni pizza for milady coming right up,” he says bowing theatrically before slipping away. I sit down on the couch beside Fox and swipe the remote from him. “No chick flicks,” Rush warns coming out of his room to join us. At least he’s wearing pants now. “What is it with you guys and chick flicks?” I mutter. “Afraid a little kissing and romance will make your dick shrivel up and die?” “They’re boring,” Rush defends. “Mhmm,” I hum. “Keep telling yourself that.” “Don’t listen to him,” Cannon speaks up. “He’s bitching because he cried at Titanic.” “It was one tear,” Rush defends in mock anger. “And Jack shouldn’t have died. He was the best character in the whole damn movie.” Cannon smirks at him as Rush sits on my other side. I log into my Netflix account. “We’re going to watch my favorite movie of all time,” I warn them. “If Reese Witherspoon is in it giving legal advice I’m out,” Rush warns, raising his hands. I snort. “Nope.” I click the movie and the guys all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Pussies. “Jurassic Park is your favorite movie?” Fox asks, sounding surprised. “Dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum … um yeah, it’s my favorite movie.” “You have a crush on Jeff Goldblum?” Rush asks with amusement. “Duh, have you seen him? Or listened to him speak? He could read me the dictionary and I’d happily sit there and listen.” Rush chuckles. “How does Hollis feel about that?” “How do I feel about what?” Hollis asks, stepping back into the room. He gets a disgruntled look when he sees Fox and Rush beside me, but then shakes his head as a determined smile takes over his face. He strides over to me and I squeal as he picks me up and sits down with me in his lap. “Mia, here, has a crush on Jeff Goldblum,” Fox explains. “Really?” he asks, eyeing me with surprise. “Why is this shocking?” “I don’t know,” Hollis admits. “I guess it’s unexpected is all.” “Can we watch the movie now?” I ask. “Wait, we need popcorn,” Cannon says in his gruff voice, hopping up. I don’t know why but I’m still always surprised when he opens his mouth. He’s broody and quiet all the time. When he shows any bit of enthusiasm for something it takes me by surprise. As the movie begins Cannon pops popcorn in the suite’s kitchen making the room smell like buttery goodness and causing my mouth to water. “I can’t believe you guys have popcorn here,” I mutter to Hollis. He chuckles, the sound rumbling against my back as he holds me tight. “Only because Cannon is a mother hen and went to the grocery store the day after we got here to make sure we had everything we needed.” “Better to be a mother hen than to starve,” Cannon defends from the kitchen. “Shh, I want to watch the movie.” Hollis pinches my side and whispers in my ear, “You started it.”  
About The Author
  Hi. I’m Micalea. Ma-call-e-uh. Weird name, I know. My mom must’ve known I was going to be odd even in the womb. I’ve written a lot of books. Like a lot. Don’t ask me how many, I don’t remember at this point. I have an unhealthy addiction to Diet Coke but I can’t seem to break the habit. I listen to way too much music and hedgehogs have taken over my life.  

Circle of Flames Quytel Series Book Two Jane S. Morrissey

Circle of Flames
Quytel Series
Book Two
Jane S. Morrissey

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fiction

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, New York

Date of Publication: November 14, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-68291-764-0

Number of pages: 339
Word Count: 92,974

Cover Artist: Melody Pond, Soul Mate Publishing

Tagline: Bending time and space to battle evil

Book Description:

Sent back to his homeland to investigate the disappearance of psychic children, Darius Curilian must face the haunting truths of his past. In a remote village, Darius and his team arrive too late to stop a kidnapping but discover a beautiful stranger who could hold the key to finding the missing children.

A self-defined loner, Emma Williams has always been different. Fire breathes in her soul and has set her apart from everyone her whole life. When she stumbles upon a child in danger, she falls into Darius’s unwilling arms and is pulled into the dark world of the Quytel as they fight for their lives.


For her safety and ours, Darius reminded himself.
“Scotch?” Emma emerged from the kitchen with two tumblers half full of amber liquid. “I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink after the last couple of days.”
She’d changed into a comfortable looking pair of cotton drawstring pants and a spaghetti-strap tank, leaving a tempting part of her flat belly revealed. Padding into the room on bare feet, her dark, silk-red hair brushed her jawline and fell to her shoulders. His cock hardened.
He stood and crossed the narrow room, taking the glass she offered him. “Thank you.”
“Cheers.” She raised her glass and sat on the loveseat, tucking her feet under her. “So what now?”
“I should leave.” He didn’t move, feeling the weight of Sita’s vial in his pocket. He took a long drink of the scotch and savored the smoke on his tongue.
“Will I see you again?” Those lapis-lazuli eyes met his. They reminded him of Egyptian jewels watching, waiting, her pale skin illuminated by the soft, yellow glow filling the room.

“I’d like that.” He chased the implication of his statement with another swallow of scotch burning his throat. Just because he wouldn’t ever see her again didn’t mean he wouldn’t want to. He was dead certain one night with her would do nothing to quench his hunger.

About the Author:

Jane Morrissey is a paranormal romance writer who loves romance, magic, and writing. Her paranormal romantic mysteries will keep you reading late into the night. Jane spends her time writing, enjoying the glorious California Coast near her home and spending as much time as she can with family and friends.

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Viking’s Valor Viking Ancestors Rise of the Dragon Book 2 Sky Purington

Viking’s Valor
Viking Ancestors
Rise of the Dragon
Book 2
Sky Purington     

Genre:  Time Travel Fantasy/Shifter Romance

Date of Publication: November 1, 2018


Number of pages:  256
Word Count:  81,000

Cover Artist:  Tara West

Book Description:

Cursed by her dragon ancestor, Sage is at the root of a burgeoning prophecy that threatens her sisters. The only way to protect them is to leave Winter Harbor, Maine, and travel back in time to tenth century Scandinavia. To travel back to Håkon and Leif, the men she left behind. Two warriors pitted against each other to win her over so they might strengthen their position in an ongoing war. Yet when she arrives, she’s captured by someone else entirely.

Set to annihilate his nemesis before he wreaks havoc and claims Sage as his own, Viking Håkon Sigdir pursues Leif. Until Sage is taken by Magnus of the Årud tribe. It then becomes a race to see who can save her first from the enemy’s rogue ally. A race that turns into a battle of wills as their rivalry for Sage intensifies.

Sparks fly as an age-old vendetta ignites a love triangle that threatens not just the fate of Håkon’s people but his very heart. Will Sage ultimately choose him or Leif? Will she see past the dark enchantment affiliated with her ancestor's prophecy and realize who is destined for her? Better yet, will she see clearly the evil imposter? Because if she falls for Leif’s mock heroism rather than Håkon’s genuine valor, the war will be lost.

Excerpt #1

“Yes, Siv and I shared love of a sort,” he agreed, not about to deny that lying with Siv had always been very good. “But not love like what I see between my father and Shannon.” He kept his eyes with Sage’s, remembering all too well the kiss they had shared. How strongly it had affected him. “There is something greater out there. Something different than what Siv and I shared.”
“Mating with another dragon,” she whispered. “But is that love? Or is it obligation?” She looked to the sea again and shook her head. “Sorry I said that. I was just thinking out loud.”
“Have you not seen love then?” he said softly. “Do your parents not share it?”
“They do actually.” She sighed and kept eying the water as she fiddled with her skin of ale but didn’t drink from it. “And they’re not both dragon so I know it’s as real as it can get between a man and woman.”
“So you do not think it can be real between two dragons then?”
“Honestly,” she whispered, “I’m not so sure.” Her eyes finally returned to his. “Everything that exists between two dragons, you and I, is pure DNA. Pure beast. It’s all automatic in some strange way…not as natural.”
“That is where we disagree,” he murmured. “I think it is more natural than what humans experience.”
“Maybe more instinctual,” she countered.
“That too,” he agreed. “But also…” he struggled to find the right words as he looked to the roughening sea, to the turbulent bubbling clouds on the dark horizon. “Mating between dragons is more than love. It is an experience of the flesh and soul combined with powerful ancestry that makes it something untouchable. Unique.”
“Might I speak bluntly?” she murmured. “About your birth mother.”
“She wasn’t dragon, right?”
“And she died when you were very young. She left you behind.”
“Could it be, then, that you see more strength in a relationship between two dragons because you inherently feel they’re stronger,” she said. “That they won’t leave you behind. Like Shannon, your step-mother, who is still here to this day?”
He considered her, understanding the truth in her statement, but not of the same mind. “Elder Naðr ended up with Megan, a human. My grandfather ended up with my grandmother Veronica, a human and they shared a great love so I have seen how strong it can be.”
“What is it you are searching for, Sage?” he continued gently, pushing her comfort level because he had to. Because he needed to understand. “Why do you fear love?” Then he pushed it a little further. “Why do you fear us?”
“I never said I fear us.”
“But you do.”
“I might.”
“You do.”
She finally moved beyond a quick sip of ale and took a few hearty swigs before her eyes returned to his. “I suppose there’s something you should know about me…that you and your family should have known by now.”
She hung her head and inhaled deeply before she looked at him again and said the last thing he saw coming.
About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of forty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth, and legend. When combined with a love for history, romance, and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington. Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website, www.SkyPurington.com, subscribe to her quarterly newsletter or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Simply text 'skypurington' (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121 or visit Sky’s Sign-up Page. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.

Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.

Website:   www.skypurington.com

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