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ArcKnight Chronicles: Alexia Purdy Blog Tour

Title: the ArcKnight Chronicles 
 Author: Alexia Purdy
 Series: the ArcKnight Chronicles (Books 1 & 2)
 Genre: Paranormal/Shifter/Romance
 Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Publishing
 Release Date: Oct 22 2015
 Edition/Formats: eBook & Print 

 Vengeance is the only thing worth dying for.

Only love can save you.
Teaming up with a handsome shifter named Ephrem, the banished Princess Lilliana must find her stolen Ardent talisman before a sinister enemy uses it against both rival wolf pack strongholds. Thrown onto a path neither of them expected, they stumble across a third cell of supernatural shifters lurking in the city’s Outlands where tensions mount. These new strangers want nothing more than to disrupt the two royal strongholds, the ArcKnights and the MarkTiers, and reignite a long-forgotten feud from decades past. 
In the treacherous City of Temple where supernaturals and humans intertwine, only the most cunning will survive.
Includes Books #1 Ardent & #2 MarkTier

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“My Lady, I cannot leave you here alone. It’s not safe.”
I whipped my eyes open and glared at him. “I told you I was banished. You can stop with the formalities and get. I don’t have time to waste on a pathetic royal guard. Especially a MarkTier. I'm okay on my own.”
“If you come with me, I know a safe place where you can get out of the rain and get warm.”
I laughed. It came out more hysterical than I intended, but I was not in a mood to keep it together any longer. The fact that he offered me any shelter at all, most likely his home, was gracious, yet the knowledge that it was most likely on ArcKnight territory made the offer even more bittersweet. I was banished not only from the royal ArcKnight palace but from lingering on any of the pack’s territories, which included a substantial chunk of the city.
I was truly alone now.
“You’d be punished for harboring a non-citizen… a traitor like me. I can’t. You know I can’t.”
He held out his hand. It glistened with water, for he was soaked to the bone, just like me. The cold rain didn’t affect him at all. I was the one shivering and on the verge of hypothermia, and yet he waited patiently.
“It’s beyond the ArcKnight border. I promise.” His eyes gleamed in the momentary moonlight sneaking past the storm clouds above. They were breathtaking and unusual. I’d never seen another shifter with eyes like his.
It may be beyond the ArcKnight stronghold, but they weren’t the only pack ruling the city.
“But the MarkTiers….”
“They have no jurisdiction there either.”
Staring at him in disbelief, I let my eyes linger on his for an eternal moment. His offer brought more questions to my mind than anything else. Even so, there was something there that held me in a trance and beckoned me to follow. Taken in by that hypnotizing cobalt sea, I reached out, accepted his hand and let him lead me through the murky city paths I’d never trodden, deeper into the unknown.
This place was now my new home, and it was nothing but strange and frightening.
But what choice did I have?
~Lily & Ephrem - The ArcKnight Chronicles

 Series: the ArcKnight Chronicles (Book 1)
 Genre: Shifter Paranormal Romance 
 Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Publishing
 Release Date: Oct 22 2015
 Edition/Formats: eBook 
Vengeance is the only thing worth dying for.

Teaming up with a handsome rival named Ephrem, the banished Princess Lilliana must find her stolen Ardent talisman before a sinister enemy uses it against both rival wolf pack strongholds, intertwining the destinies of the two would-be lovers.

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Title: MarkTier
 Series: the ArcKnight Chronicles (Book 2)
 Genre: Shifter Paranormal Romance 
 Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Publishing
 Release Date: Oct 22 2015
 Edition/Formats: eBook 
Only love can save you…
Freed from the bonds of royalty forever, Lily must adjust to life in the treacherous city of Temple. With the handsome prince Ephrem by her side, she inadvertently stumbles upon a third cell of supernatural shifters lurking in the city’s Outlands, but they aren’t part of any wolf pack she’s ever known. Tensions mount when these new strangers impede on the two royal strongholds and reignite a long-forgotten feud from decades past.

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  Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada - Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She is the award-winning author of the Reign of Blood series and A Dark Faerie Tale Series.
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Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties ON SALE

This is a never before heard of sale. Bond of Blood & Spirit on sale for .99c through Christmas.

Join the Pack and pick up the first book in the Bonds of Blood & Spirit saga. For more information on this book and others in the series check out the Bonds of Blood & Spirit website Bonds of Blood & Spirit

Price good through December 25th only

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Pre-Order...Annihilation: Katie Salidas

Chronicles of the Uprising 6: Annihilation

Death is the easy way out. 
Still clinging rabidly to power, the Elites spin lies of prejudice and hatred, stoking the fires of war.
The sole driving force toward peace, Mira sacrificed everything for the cause. In the end, strong as she was, Mira was never enough. 
It will take the strength of many to finish what she started, and everyone: Otherkin, human, and vampire have much to lose in the bloody days ahead. 
The only outcomes are peace… or death.

Available for pre-order on Amazon

Provocation: Michael Rose

Just .99c though Tuesday

Some men should never be provoked….

Following a vicious attack by a legendary creature, Graham Morgan’s life is forever changed. After a year of struggling with his transformations during the full moon, he is determined to get his affliction under control so he can safely marry the woman he loves. But not everyone knows Graham’s secret, and one friend’s attempt to sabotage his relationship might instead unleash the monster within.

This novel contains violence, adult situations and explicit language. It is intended for a mature audience and may be inappropriate for some readers.

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Freebie!! Beyond Secret Worlds

Ten stories of paranormal fantasy and romance from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors! 

This collection has something for everyone: from second chances to last chances, passion-filled nights with steamy shapeshifters to dark days with not-so-wicked witches, alternate worlds to supernatural events. These prequels, sequels and other tantalizing tie-ins to the bestselling Secret Worlds boxed set will leave you breathless. 

Tough As Nails - Aimee Easterling - A runaway werewolf stumbles across a stalker as she struggles to grow into her own skin.

Dark Intent - Lisa Swallow - A reaper is forced to choose between two dying humans, one slated for Heaven, the other for Hell. 

Lust at First Sight - Katie Salidas - Who wouldn't spring at the chance for a one-night-stand with a werewolf? 

Not a Witch - Debbie Herbert - A Ouija experiment goes terribly wrong for two young witches. 

Black Friday - Kate Corcino - Christmas shopping becomes even more treacherous after the world as we know it disintegrates into dust. 

Blue House Magic - Catherine Stine - Can a seer find a cure for the baffling plague drifting down from the enemy north before it's too late? 

Dream's End - L.G. Castillo - An archangel weighs dreams against responsibilities as she decides whether to give a fallen angel one last chance. 

The Hex - Lucy Leroux - Betrayed becomes betrayer when this witch puts too much juice behind the hex on her ex. 

Her Sweetest Downfall - Rebecca Hamilton - Ophelia's initiation won’t be complete until she kills the man she loves. 

Take Me - Susan Stec - A doppelganger, a myth with no name, no sex, no flesh, and no identity...unless it wears one of you.

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New Release: JR Ward~Blood Kiss

BLOOD KISS is out! The original Brothers are back in action with new recruits in the training center- and Lassiter, well, he's YOU KNOW... if you like paranormal romance, this mass market release is the book for you!
Paradise, blooded daughter of the king’s First Advisor, is ready to break free from the restrictive life of an aristocratic female. Her strategy? Join the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training center program and learn to fight for herself, think for herself. It’s a good plan, until everything goes wrong. The schooling is unfathomably difficult, the other recruits feel more like enemies than allies, and it’s very clear that the Brother in charge, Butch O’Neal, a.k.a. the Dhestroyer, is having serious problems in his own life.
And that’s before she falls in love with a fellow classmate. Craeg, a common civilian, is nothing her father would ever want for her, but everything she could ask for in a male. As an act of violence threatens to tear apart the entire program, and the erotic pull between them grows irresistible, Paradise is tested in ways she never anticipated--and left wondering whether she’s strong enough to claim her own power...on the field, and off.
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Coming Soon...Author Interviews

I am starting to compile some interview questions for some of the authors I know. Should be a fun read.
Come back soon to see what they have to say.

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Just a couple things I want to say...First off...I get no compensation for any of my posts, promo's or reviews. I neither ask for anything nor expect anything in return. I do this all for the fun of it, in hopes that the authors will get maybe one extra book sale.

Second thing...All prices posted are subject to change without notice. I am not responsible for price changes.

Promo! Bonds of Blood & Spirit Saga

Bonds of Blood & Spirit

If you haven't read this series I highly recommend you do. If you have never heard of it....Well keep reading and I will introduce you to some of my favorite books and characters.

Synopsis:Regina Capalini, abandoned by her parents at age three, and the victim of a heinous crime, has been tossed away by the only Pack she has ever known. She has one last chance to impress her new Alpha, Diego Beauchamp, or be left to fend for herself as a rogue wolf, a sentence that will surely end in death. 

Fate intervenes, not once, but twice, and plunges Regina into a fast-paced race against the clock to save the life of the stranger she just met. 

In the midst of this harrowing life-threatening rescue, she comes to know five unique people who, in their own quirky and troubled ways, teach this misfit and broken girl the meaning of love, trust and loyalty, making her question everything she ever believed was true. 

Together, they create an alliance, a new breed of Pack, one that changes the course of the future forever.

Synopsis:For the last six months, Diego Beauchamp had been the rock-solid pillar of support for the Morgan Foundation’s newest Pack. His strong leadership brought Regina and Harry through the most difficult time of their lives and now, he had to do the same for Cole. 

Their trip to Portland, Maine was supposed to be nothing more than routine and protocol. Diego had gone through it a few times before with other fledglings. Cole would go before the Council and present his case, and the Council would release him to the Foundation’s custody for further training. Case closed. 

But this time everything goes horribly wrong, jeopardizing the very core of the Pack and threatening to expose Diego’s carefully protected secrets and the past he has so carefully tried to forget. 

The past won’t be ignored any longer.

Synopsis:The secrets of the past have been unearthed and with them, lives torn apart, exposed, and laid to waste. An ancient bloodline struggles to survive the chaos, violence and warped beliefs fostered over a hundred years. 

Diego vowed to take care of Selene Flynn, bringing his enemy’s daughter into the Pack to assure her protection. No one knows what lengths the Senator will go to get her back, or the sacrifices Diego will make to keep her safe. The promise has been made and the Pack will pay the ultimate price in reclaiming what was lost. Devastation looms on the horizon and their lives will never be the same. 

Selene’s destiny is tangled with the Prince Regent, Drew Cavanaugh. Both raised for one purpose: To provide an heir for the evil Tau Regency. Can she trust the dark haired stranger with the velvet voice, even though he was raised and trained by her father, Robert Flynn, or should she stay loyal to the Pack that has put their lives on the line for her? 

Bitter enemies are thrown together in an age-old battle against time, power and evil.

Synopsis:Legacies. We create them with our lives. They tie us to the past and future, and sometimes, they are the chains we must break to ever find happiness. 

Regina and her Pack now face some difficult choices. They stand on the verge of war, precariously balanced between the legacies their ancestors left them, and the hope of a bright new future—if they survive. 

The bonds they forged and strengthened for generations are tested to the breaking point. 

Will love or power triumph? Only time will tell.

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The books can be purchased through the website or they are available on Kindle and Nook

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Looking For Free Reads?

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The Withering Palace (A Dark Faerie Tale #0.1) 
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Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale #1)

Resonant (A Reign of Blood Prequel) 

Reign of Blood #1

The Fall of Sky (Part 1)

Ardent (The ArcKnight Chronicles #1)

Keep Breathing: